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Submitted on
May 16, 2012


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May 'Moticon Mid-Month Round-Up

Wed May 16, 2012, 9:15 PM

Contest News

New Contests

:bulletblue: Note: There's a list of current contests over at Emotication. :bulletblue:

May 1st :bulletpink: SparklyDest is maintaining her awesome streak by announcing this month's EMTC: Rain. Deadline: May 29th.

May 1st :bulletpink: My first official contest as CV was announced, the This or That Emote Pack Contest. Deadline: June 1st.

May 12th :bulletpink: Phlum, as part of Emoticon Appreciation Day, started up a contest with the theme of Partying! Deadline: June 12th.

Ongoing Contests

Oh noes! This section is empty (for now). Help me fill it?

Winners Announced

May 3rd :bulletpink: CubicInsanity announced the winners of the FLOVE Contest (finally).

May 4th :bulletpink: The winners of Emoti-Art's contest were announced here by Mirz123.

May 13th :bulletpink: Phlum announced the winners of the themed contests that were held on Emoticon Appreciation Day.

Project News

New Projects

May 4th :bulletpink: JeanaWei announced the Emoti-Duck Project.

Ongoing Projects

:bulletblue: fuu--chan's Pastrymotes Project

:bulletblue: Mirz123's 2012 Emoticonist Yearbook

:bulletblue: ravenfire-1's Community Spirit Project

:bulletblue: SazLeigh's Emote Fancy Dress Tea Cup Party Project

:bulletblue: wtg62's Emoti-Powder Project


Articles and Features

May 12th :bulletpink: Phlum was the host of this year's Emoticon Appreciation Day. Here's his main journal, with subsequent postings also listed in this round-up. He also featured a number of less known emoticonists, and you can find that feature here.


May 12th :bulletpink: Phlum interviewed several deviants for Emoticon Appreciation day, including =CubicInsanity, =psychocookee, =TheSaltyMonster, and =WTG62.

May 13th :bulletpink: IceXDragon interviewed Piirustus for Volume Four of the Emote Freshmen Series. IceXDragon is currently accepting suggestions as to who should also be interviewed.

Other Things of Note

May 14th :bulletpink: A monstrous news article known as April's Challenge: Stalk a $taffer or CV Results was put together by a number of deviants and is quite the interesting read.

May 15th :bulletpink: Emoti-collabs announced their re-opening for June 1st!

Current Poll: CubicInsanity asks: Should I bring back my Unseen Spotlight article series?

Did I miss something that should be here? Let me know!
If there's something you want included in my end of the month round-up, please note with with the details

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